Hearing Healthcare Center partnered with NuEar over 31 years ago to provide the Upstate with the best hearing aids possible. NuEar is an American-owned company based in Eden Prairie, MN. Backed by decades of acoustical research and evidence-based designed technologies, their primary goal is to provide the finest hearing instruments that deliver the most significant benefit in hearing improvement and understanding. Everything they do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives.

Most people do not realize that the hearing aid industry has progressed in modern technology much the way automobiles and electronics have. The days of big, ugly hearing aids that didn't even sound good are long gone! Ears everywhere are rejoicing!

Some Major Technology Advancements: 

NuEar has bundled its technologies into three categories. The three categories are: AMP™, Miniscopic™, and NOW® iQ. Each category then features unique hearing aid devices. If you desire more specific information on the technology in each category, here is our page about Product Lines.